What's included in my services:


  • Up to 14 prenatal visits. These visits are all at the office/birth center.

  • Midwifery care during labor, birth and immediate postpartum for both mother and baby.

  • Up to 4 postpartum visits. These usually take place at day 1, day 3 or 4, week 1 or 2 and finally at week 6.

  • 24/7 midwife availability for urgent issues

  • Availability by e-mail, text message or phone during office hours for non-urgent issues

  • Birth kit (disposable items)

My baseline global fee starts at $5000. This fee includes all prenatal (up to 14 visits), labor and delivery, postpartum care up to six weeks(up to 5 visits each for mother and baby). Your birth kit is also provided in the global fee as well as home visits at 36 weeks, delivery and 1 day postpartum visit.

Private insurance and Medicaid will be accepted and I will bill through a third-party insurance company.

What's not included:

  • Ultrasounds

  • Lab work

  • Prenatal/postpartum visits in excess of the covered services

  • Birth pool rental

  • Medications (RhoGam, Vitamin K, erythromycin)

  • Additional household supplies necessary for the birth

  • Wyoming Birth Reporting fee ($50) REQUIRED


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