Sacred Birth, LLC

Midwifery Services

Individual Needs

Sacred Birth specializes in midwifery care individualized to each client's needs. 

Located in Southeastern Wyoming, Sacred Birth services families in the Guernsey area, north to Casper, south to Cheyenne, east to the Nebraska border and west to Rawlins.

Each family's religious and cultural beliefs will be considered and respected,as they journey towards a sacred birth of their own.

Traditional Care

Our purpose is to help low-risk pregnancies to each have a personalized birth.

Provide traditional care for the mother and newborn.

We implement a women-centered, empowering model of maternity care.

We are trained professionals with expertise and skills in supporting women to maintain a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.

Medicine Wheel

Much like my native roots, my practice is evaluated through the 'medicine wheel'. Seeking out each client's emotional, physical, spiritual and relational feelings to better educate them during this sacred time.